Fish & Co: Heavenly Mussels

I have visited Fish & Co many times since I was a kid. It was my family’s favourite seafood dining place. Whenever there are events, no matter what the occasion is, Fish & Co never fails us. And every time we visit, we would all always order the fried seafood dishes, especially the signature Fish & Chips. Its undeniably crunchy batter and rich butter sauce melts in our mouth perfectly, making us crave for more.

But recently, one of us decided that maybe it’s time to get out of the Fish & Chips craze and try something else that may be just as great as the fish & chips, and to all of our joys, there is. Behold the Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO



Mussels. Who can resist the delicate and rich flavour of mussels? Especially with creamy and buttery garlic lemon sauce! I can hear you thinking that maybe the two elements combined would be too much, but that’s why this appetizer is served with baked bread to balance the flavour.

Another reason why my family and I love this dish so much aside from its flavour, is because of its generous portion! It’s really big that it’s hard to finish by yourself as an appetizer. So you might want to share it with 2-3 of your friends or family members. This dish would also go well with Fish & Co’s refreshing Garden Salad which consists of greens and tomatoes with vinaigrette dressing.


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